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Rotary Club of Aylesbury    Meeting Notes 12th June 2024
1 Present: Howard Cox (President), Steve Alexander, Gill Beck, Charo Cornter-May, Frank Falcon, Helen Falcon, Ralph Followell, Judith Freeman, Neil Freeman, Richard Ginger, John Hardwick, Jim Neenah,. Les Sheldon.
2 Apologies: Roy Collis, Jill Neenan. 
3 Greetings from Other Clubs: Several letters of thanks have been received from RCs Bourges-Ouest and Eckernfoerde for the hospitality they received over the recent Twinning and Centenary weekend. Thanks have also been received from ADG Jeremy Wyman and Aylesbury Hundreds President Peter Linford.
4 Notes of last meeting had not been circulated, to be considered in July. B/F July agenda ACTION HF
5 President’s Report: Howard thanked all those who had helped with the recent Centenary and Twinning weekend which had been incredibly successful. He has written to Bourges and Eckernfoerde Presidents to thank them for their very generous donations and to Elizabeth Howe for attending the welcome dinner in her capacity as Lord Lieutenant.
At the conclusion of events, the Club’s finances are very healthy and it was agreed that the additional monies paid by members to cover costs over and above their meal costs should be reimbursed. The Treasurer will write to members detailing offer of reimbursement and seek confirmation ACTION FF
James Frost to be contacted regarding partly unused donation. ACTION HC
Club members congratulated Howard on his Paul Harris Fellowship awarded by the RC of Eckernfoerde.
6 Future of The Club: there was a discussion about the feasibility of continuing as a Rotary Club given the reducing number of members and their capacity to engage with Club activities. It was agreed to continue as a Rotary Club for 2024/5 with as little formality as reasonably possible. There would need to be a plan to responsibly manage the Charitable Trust Fund and investments. We aim to continue with monthly meetings and weekly zoom calls. Alternative subscription payment methods to be considered. ACTION FF
7 Membership: Roy Collis, Ralph Followell and Jill Neenan will be retiring from the Club which leaves 12 members.
8 Club Officers 2024/5. The following were elected unopposed:
President: Steve Alexander
Vice President: Jim Neenan
Hon Secretary: Helen Falcon
Hon Treasurer: Frank Falcon
Charo Cornter-May agreed to coordinate dinner arrangements with The Unicorn.
Jim Neenan agreed to manage the Club website.
9 Secretary’s report: DMS will need to be updated by 30 June. ACTION RF
Handover meeting to be arranged for Secretary role  ACTION RF/HF
The Club archives need reviewing and a permanent home found for important documents e.g. the original Charter. ACTION RF/NF
10 Treasurer’s report:  The Club account balance is £3467; the Trust account balance is £3404 which includes a COIF dividend payment. Following some difficulties with accessing the website, the annual report has now been made to The Charity Commission. 
Signatories for bank accounts and Charitable Trust deed will need to be reviewed and amended. ACTION FF
11 AOB  Any members who want to order additional centenary mugs @ £8 to contact Howard.
Howard to contact Tony Smith who has expressed an interest in re-joining. ACTION HC
Gill to deliver centenary bag to Hilary Walker ACTION GB
12 Next Meeting Handover Meeting  - Wednesday 31st July 7pm at the Unicorn

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