Dear Rotary Club of Aylesbury

Thank you. 

It has been an incredibly difficult year around the planet. But for some families in Haiti, things just got harder. The huge earthquake which struck the country was followed by Storm Grace, dumping more than a foot of rain over some of the worst affected areas. Thousands were left without a home and with nowhere to shelter from the storm. That is why supporting our global community now, is more important than ever.

Your clubs donation of £590.00 will help ensure a family can shelter from the elements after disaster and stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. From all of us at ShelterBox, and more importantly from the families who can now rebuild, thank you.  

A ShelterBox team is in the Dominican Republic where they are working hard to assess damage reports, learn from the communities in Haiti what they need to recover, and work on the challenging logistics of delivering aid to areas where buildings have been reduced to rubble.  

One of our strengths is our prior knowledge of Haiti. We have supported communities in Haiti several times in the past, including after a catastrophic earthquake in 2010. By using everything we learned then, our close partnership with Rotary, and donations such as yours, we can forge local connections and make sure the right emergency shelter reaches communities when they need it.  

Not only can we provide aid items thanks to you, but we can also train and guide communities on emergency shelter construction, empowering families to rebuild and look to the future.  

Thank you again from everyone at ShelterBox.  
With warm wishes,
Phil, on behalf of your Supporter Care Team