Rotary Club celebrates cracking Christmas collection.

The Rotary Club of Aylesbury are still counting the tens of thousands of coins and notes that were donated by the generous people of Aylesbury and district for local good causes in the weeks leading up to Christmas. So far almost 30,000 coins weighing more than 135 kg – thought to be as much as an average sized elf – have been banked.
Club Treasurer Frank Falcon said, “We would like to say a huge thank you to Aylesbury folk. It’s looking like another record is about to be broken as we have already exceeded last year’s amazing £9,000 total and are still waiting for the last of the on-line and text payments to come in.” 
Once final figures are known, the Club will divide the takings to make donations to a dozen or more local charities and food banks. This tremendous feat could only be achieved by large numbers of people giving up their time and going out of their way to help Santa and his Rotary team. It was remarkable that so many helpers braved not only the chilly nights, but also cheerfully accepted the extra precautions needed to make the event Covid secure. 
Thanks must go especially to the small army of sleigh drivers, engineers, collectors, cleaners, money counters and the Explorer Scouts. Aylesbury Town Centre and Friars Square Management also helped with sites for the static float and storage facilities and of course the townspeople came out in their hundreds once again to support us.
We wish everyone a Very Happy New Year and look forward to sending out the charity cheques very soon.