Rotary Club of Aylesbury
Meeting Notes 19th October 2022
1 Present   Roy Collis (President) Judy Freeman, Neil Freeman, Gill Beck, Charo Cornter-May, Steve Alexander, Richard Ginger, Frank Falcon, Helen Falcon, Ralph Followell, Howard Cox
2 Apologies John Hardwick, Jim Neenan, Jill Neenan, Les Sheldon
3 Greetings from other clubs, Howard brought greetings from Marlow Thames, Henley Bridge, New Maldon, Feltham, Surbiton, High Down and Antwerp. Roy brought greetings from ADG Jeremy Wyman, Eckernfoerde and Bourges- Ouest who have issued a formal invitation for us to visit Bourges in May 2023 for a twinning weekend. 
4 Minutes of the September meeting were agreed.
5 Matters Arising Scannappeal have acknowledged receipt of a cheque following the August Barbeque. The Vineyard and Southcourt Baptist Church Foodbanks have both acknowledged receipt of cheques following the decision taken at last month’s meeting.
Centenary Tree Planting – on going.
6 President’s Report
There is a concern that some banks are refusing to accept coins. RC to contact Lloyds Bank in Aylesbury regarding the Carol Float collection. ACTION RC 
RC Chiltern Forest will be holding a fundraising dinner at Chiltern Forest Golf Club on November 28th. £30 per head.
Les will represent the Club at the Remembrance Day wreath laying ceremony in Aylesbury.
7 Hon Secretary’s Report Ralph advised that he had updated the website. He has been receiving increasing numbers of enquiries re the carol float dates and routes. Gill will send info for updating the website end November.     ACTION GB/RF 
Stoke Mandeville Village have requested us to take the float and Santa to an event in December. Agreed this is not feasible given our schedule. Request declined. ACTION RF
8 Hon Treasurer’s Report One member’s £7 top up payment from July is still outstanding. A half yearly payment will be due in January and FF will advise members in due course. ACTION FF
The Treasurer’s (Club) account balance is £4,181.83 and the Trust account is £1,245.64.
Howard to be reimbursed for the cost of the poppy wreath. ACTION FF
9 Carol Float December 2022
Rota Version 3 was updated. All charities have confirmed except Wheelpower. To be followed up.
Change of date for Medical Detection Dogs to be confirmed. ACTION RC/JF
Rota Version 4 to be circulated. Thanks to all who have volunteered so far. NB We are short of Rotarians/ helpers/family on several evenings and especially lunch time and afternoon slots on the static. ACTION JF/ALL
Budget was approved for new generator up to £600 or hire charges if more economical. LS was thanked for his kind offer of 50% funding towards replacement generator. ACTION HC/SA
GB has sent press release to Aylesbury Town Matters.
Some problems with tracker – no longer possible for public to access.   Advice to be sought from Jeremy Wyman. ACTION RC
10  AOB
RF requested info re previous supplier of name bars for presidential jewel. ACTION FF
11 Future Meetings. Weekly Zoom meetings continue Weds 7pm.
Weds 16th November- Business Meeting, The Unicorn Cublington
Weds 14th December -Christmas Meal, The Unicorn Cublington