Rotary Club of Aylesbury Meeting 20th April 2022.

1 Present: Steve Alexander, Gill Beck, Roy Collis, Charo Cornter-May, Howard Cox, Ralph Followell, Neil Freeman, Judy Freeman, Richard Ginger, John Hardwick (President) and Les Sheldon.

2 Apologies Frank Falcon, Helen Falcon, Jill Neenan and Jim Neenan.

3 Greetings from Other Clubs None

4 Notes of March meeting were agreed

5 Matters arising from previous meeting and Zoom discussions.
Confirmation of grants from Carol Float collection received by NPHT, MND, Explorer Scouts – Carried forward to next meeting as Treasurer was absent. ACTION RF

6 President’s Report Neither John nor Neil had any matters to report. 

7 Hon Treasurer’s Report. Frank was not present, and no report had been submitted.

8 Hon Secretary’s Report. 
a)    Ralph reminded members of the District Zoom meeting on the evening of the 21st April.
b)    District had reminded us that should any celebrations of the Queens Jubilee be arranged; it was essential that the Rotary insurers be consulted.
c)    After discussion members agreed that a dinner to celebrate the Queens Jubilee was not possible as most Rotarians were involved their village arrangements. However, a BBQ on a Saturday near to the celebrations could be a success. A suitable and available venue should be discussed with Frank and Helen and considered at the next meeting. 
d)    The District budget had been received. Discussion will be considered at the next meeting as the Treasurer was not present. ACTION RF
e)    District had suggested that we might resume ‘Kids Out’ again. Members felt that as the restrictions now in force, it would not be possible to provide such outings
f)    The Foundation accounts had been received and would be discussed with the District Governor at the next meeting. ACTION RF
g)    Members agreed that further donations should be made to the 2 Food Banks and thought that £350.00 to £500.00 would be an appropriate donation, subject to the Treasurers agreement. ACTION FF

9 AOB Charo announced that in future more choices will be offered for the dinner. This will require prompt replies as the Chef will need more time to source some dishes. 

10 Dates of Next Meetings
Weds 18th May 2022, 7pm at The Unicorn, Cublington, at which the District Governor, Jane Mordue, will be present. 
Weekly Zoom meetings will continue. 

The first gathering of the Club was held on 23 September 1923 and the first formal meeting held on 
5th November 1923. The Charter was granted on 9th May 1924.

Consideration of the most appropriate way to celebrate the Clubs Centenary/Charter Anniversary will be on future agendas. As will the tree planting project. ACTION RF