Notes of Meeting October 16th, 2019

Members Present: John Hardwick (President), Gill Beck, Roy Collis, Howard Cox, Ralph Followell, Judy Freeman, Neil Freeman, Richard Ginger, Graham Hill, Jill Neenan, Jim Neenan and Les Sheldon,

  1. Apologies:  David Rhodes, Gaye Lander, Charo Cornter-May, Helen Falcon, Frank Falcon.

  2. Greetings from other Clubs.

Greetings were brought from the High Wycombe Club and somewhere on the Gower  Peninsula .

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.

  2. Matters Arising from the minutes.

  3. Presidents Report

Club Policies: Judy had printed out the appropriate Club Policies, to which we need to comply. They were duly signed by President J Hardwick and the Secretary.

President: David Rhodes will lay a wreath at the Remembrance Celebration in  the Market Square Aylesbury. The wreath to be collected from Howard.  

County Show: Howard confirmed that a donation will be made to the Club in recognition of their help. ACTION HC

6          Other President’s Report: None.

7          Secretary’s Report

Website: Members are encouraged to access the Club website www. on a regular basis for information and news. All meeting details and notes are posted there.

Chiltern MS Centre at Halton:  The Chief Executive had moved on and it was decided not to pursue a visit.

Clive Probitts: RF and RG had both been in touch with Paula, but she has not responded to the invitation to become an honorary member of the Club or to join us for the Christmas Meal.         ACTION RF

Paula has asked to attend the cheque presentation evening in January 2020 and for donations received in memory of Clive to be distributed with £500 donated to each of the Medical Detection Dogs, the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Lindengate. ACTION RF

8          New Member

Jim Neenan was installed as a full member of The Rotary Club of Aylesbury by the current President, and warmly welcomed by all present.

9          Treasurer’s Report

Trust Account stands at £2,417.28; no change since last meeting.

Club Account stands at £5,101.61; which includes subscriptions from new members.

10        Carol Float

A licence is needed, and Neil undertook to apply for it. ACTION NF

An electrics review needs to be undertaken by Peter Coates.   ACTION HC

News of the Static Float location is awaited. HC has met with Diana Fawcett, Town Centre Manager who has agreed an alternative site in the High Street near to WH Smith.      ACTION HC

                                                    ACTION See below

Overall dates proposed are commencing Friday 6th December and closing Friday 20th December with statics on Saturdays December 7th and 14th.


Date                                            Charity                                   Detail                                                                             Rotary

Friday 06 December 2019          Lindengate                            Archer Drive, Coppice                                                   H Cox

Saturday 07 December 2019      Static High Street                  Aylesbury                                                                       H Cox

Saturday 07 December 2019      Explorer Scouts                     Mandeville School Entrance  Hawkslade

Sunday 08 December 2019        Medical Detection Dogs        Elm Farm Shops    Elm Farm North

Monday 09 December 2019       Bucks Foundation                 Devereaux Place  Haydon Hill                                      R Collis

Tuesday 10 December 2019       CAB                                      Mandeville School Entrance  Southcourt

Wednesday 11 December 2019  NHPT

Thursday 12 December 2019     Gateway Club                       Rivets Sports Club  Stoke Road                                   H Cox

Friday 13 December 2019         Alzheimer’s Society Bucks   Watermead South                                                         H Cox

Saturday 14 December 2019      Static High Street                  Aylesbury Rotary                                                         H Cox

Saturday 14 December 2019      MND (Wing Singers)           Redwood Drive Wing  Driver

Sunday 15 December 2019        Explorer Scouts                    Horse & Jockey Weedon Road

Monday 16 December 2019

Tuesday 17 December 2019      Scannappeal                          Millwright Arms Walton Road Turnfurlong                R Collis

Wednesday 18 December 2019 Wing Scouts                         Community Centre  Quarrendon  Scout Driver

Thursday 19 December 2019   Aylesbury Guides                  Dairy Maid Elmhurst

Friday 20 December 2019


11 AOB

Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre: A request for funding had been received from Roger Jefcoate.

HF to send letter to RF for him to review


12 Next meeting Wednesday 20th November 7pm at The Bell Aston Clinton.

President David Rhodes


Annual Dinner at the Seven Stars at Dinton on Wednesday 4th December.

Cost per person will be £28.00. The Menu is on the website but will be circulated later.

Booking essential.


Cheque Presentation Evening will be held on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. Venue to be arranged. ACTION GB

Future meeting

22nd January 2020

19th February 2020

18th March 2020

22nd April 2020 

20th May 2020

17th June 2020

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