Meeting of the Rotary Club of Aylesbury, on Zoom on 17th March 2021

1 Present: Gill Beck, Roy Collis, Charo Cornter-May, Howard Cox, Frank Falcon, Helen Falcon, Ralph Followell, Judy Freeman Neil Freeman (President), Richard Ginger, John Hardwick, Jim Neenan, Les Sheldon.
2 Apologies for Absence: Jill Neenan, David Rhodes.
3 Greetings from other Clubs: HC brought greetings from RC Haddenham who have been organizing the volunteers for the Haddenham vaccination centre. GB brought greetings from RC Aylesbury Hundreds and advised that two members of this club (GB and HF) are vaccinating at Stoke Mandeville Guttman Centre. Over 20,000 vaccines have been administered so far.
4 Minutes of the last meeting were agreed
5 President’s Report: NF had nothing to report
6 Other President’s Report: JH reported on the recent District Presidents-Elect training weekend which had been held by Zoom. There was a focus on post pandemic activities and clubs were urged to recruit new members from the large pool of community volunteers that had emerged during the lock down. Other ideas were to maximise the use of social media including to hold speaker meetings via Zoom and open these to all comers, to develop links with Toastmasters (aka Speakers Clubs) and to hold Zoom quizzes. 
7 Hon. Secretary’s Report: DMS is up to date. 
Peter Duckworth of RC Haddenham has asked if we have any objections to them extending their schools photographic competition to the Aylesbury area. It was agreed that whilst we had no problem, RC Aylesbury Hundreds have usually run a photographic competition and PD should be advised to contact them. ACTION RF
8 Hon. Treasurer’s Report: Club Account balance is £3491.18 and Trust Account is £2935.22. The latest COIF payment has been received.
The second payment to foodbanks was made on 25th February as agreed, but to date FF has received no acknowledgement from any of the three organizations. As he has no direct contact with them, it was suggested that GB should get in touch. No further payment to be made until we hear back. ACTION GB
9 Election of future Presidents and Vice Presidents. It was agreed that this would be formally considered at the April meeting to allow all members to be involved. The following indicated they would be willing to stand: 
2021-22 3rd year of Triumvirate to continue. (JH and NF). DR to be asked if he is willing to take part ACTION RF
2022-23 Roy Collis with Les Sheldon as VP
2023-24 Howard Cox with Jim Neenan as VP ACTION RF to notify members of election process.
10 Criteria for considering requests from Registered Charities to use our Facebook and Website: It was agreed that the draft guidance previously discussed should be adopted for 6 months and posted on the website. ACTION RF
11 AOB Telephone contact for vulnerable people. Buckinghamshire County Council have approached RC Aylesbury Hundreds who have asked us if we want to be involved. Alice Robertson to be invited to join an informal Zoom chat to provide further details. ACTION JH
Honorary Membership. Both Elizabeth Howe and Hilary Walker are delighted to accept. Formal induction to take place at our first face to face meeting later in the year. ACTION RF
12  Next Meeting:  Weds 21st April at 7pm by Zoom.


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