Meeting of the Rotary Club of Aylesbury, 19th January 2022

The Unicorn, Cublington


  1. Apologies for Absence:  John Hardwick, Jill Neenan, Jim Neenan, Les Sheldon

  2. Present: Steve Alexander, Gill Beck, Helen Falcon, Frank Falcon, Ralph Followell, Charo Cornter-May, Roy Collis, Judy Freeman, Neil Freeman, Richard Ginger.

  3. Greetings from other Clubs. There were no greetings from other clubs.

  4. Minutes of the last meeting on17th November and the Special Meeting on 8th December were agreed. It was confirmed that Roy Collis will be President from 1st July 2022.

  5. Matters arising. NF is awaiting confirmation of availability for a charity quiz night at Wing Hall. Agreed to aim for a Tuesday evening in early April 2022. ACTION NF

  6. President’s Report. The carol float paraphernalia has been taken to RF for storage in his cellar.

HC has returned the tracker to its rightful owner. A letter of thanks for allowing us to park the float

has been sent to the Manager of Friars Square. Details for Matthew Adams needed. ACTION HC

  1. Other President’s Report   JH had attended a District zoom meeting with ADG and other Presidents. RC had attended an in-coming Presidents zoom meeting.

Press release re carol float to be sent to Rotary District News.

  1. Hon. Secretary’s Report. The DMS has been updated to include details of Club Officers for 2022.

Details of how to access DMS to be sent to Hon Treasurer.

RG provided details of carol float activities for the past 20 years. Summary to be produced as part of club archives in readiness for our centenary.

It was noted that the first meeting of the club took place on 5th Nov 1923 and the charter was granted in 1924, so there is potential for two celebrations.

  1. Hon. Treasurers Report. FF advised that the Treasurer’s (Club) Account balance stands at £3,680.24 and the Trust Fund at £4526 after payments to charities who took part in the carol float collections. Further payments to be made following this meeting. See attached sheet for details. Nominated members to contact charities, if not already done, to let them know about donation and ask them to acknowledge receipt in writing and forward to the Treasurer, as we need an audit trail.


Half year subs. Payment has already been made to District from the Treasurer’s (Club) account. 5 members’ payments @ £33.50 are outstanding. 3 members not present at the meeting to be reminded by President. ACTION NF

It was agreed that this year all costs of maintenance of the carol float would be paid from the Treasurer’s (Club) account to maximize donations to charities. NF has submitted the charities collection return to Bucks CC on this basis. Thanks to individual members for their personal contributions towards incidental and running costs.

A Statement of Accounts for 2020/21 has been reviewed by the President and submitted to District. Copy to be circulated to members by e mail.

  1.  Carol Float Update.  A total of £10,014.38 has been banked to date and negligible additional income is expected at this stage. This is a tremendous achievement and thanks were given to all those involved. The Bucks Herald published a short article early in January and the Facebook page has been updated to give details and acknowledge helpers.

Distribution of monies received - Charitable grants

The Club formally agreed to the proposal set out in the email from Gill Beck dated December 23rd which had been previously discussed and agreed at a zoom meeting.

A grant of £600 is to be made to all charities who took part, with £1,200 to Explorer Scouts, who came out on 3 separate evenings. It was additionally agreed to make a payment of £600 to The Vineyard Foodbank since there is a high need locally for foodbank support. A total of £7,200 in grants is therefore being made to local charities immediately.

Following discussion, it was agreed to fund a Shelterbox costing £590, in support of the recent disaster in Tonga, acknowledging that it is not possible to specify the exact destination of any particular donation to Shelterbox.

The remaining monies collected (c. £2,200) are to be distributed following further discussions by the Club at future meetings.

Distribution of COIF dividends

It was agreed to make a grant of £450 to Lindengate.

Photos of “Cheque” presentations to charities to be taken for PR purposes.

  1. AOB Congratulations - to Howard on being elected President of the Bucks County Show for 2022. This will take place on Thursday 1st September and members will be invited in due course to support the event by selling programmes. ACTION RC, also to Helen and Frank on the arrival of a granddaughter.

Distribution of Meeting Notes. It was agreed to include Honorary members in the distribution of meeting notes. ACTION RF

  1.   Date of Next Meeting – February 16th at 7pm The Unicorn Cublington. ACTION ALL

Weekly zoom meetings to continue.