Meeting of the Rotary Club of Aylesbury, on Zoom, 21st April 2021

1 Present: Gill Beck, Roy Collis, Frank Falcon, Helen Falcon, Ralph Followell, Judy Freeman Neil Freeman (President), Richard Ginger, John Hardwick, Jill Neenan, Jim Neenan, Les Sheldon.
2 Apologies for Absence: Charo Cornter-May, Howard Cox
3 Greetings from other Clubs: None
4 Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.
5 Matters Arising: Photography competition - RF has been in touch with Peter Duckworth from RC Haddenham and offered our help.
6 President’s Report: NF reported that the Club had received an award from the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians in recognition of our support for scouting through donations made from the Carol Float collections. An impressive certificate has been received and posted on our website and we are encouraged to make our own awards to individual Scout Groups. It was agreed to recognise the work of Aylesbury Explorer Scouts for their significant support for the Carol Float over many years, especially for doing extra shifts at short notice and for supporting collections for other charities. This will be presented to Hilary Walker when she is inducted as an honorary member. ACTION NF
7 Other President’s Report: JH reported on the Rotary/Buckinghamshire Keeping in Touch with vulnerable and shielding older people initiative that is being coordinated by ADG Jeremy Wyman. JH has been allocated 5 individuals to contact weekly for 6 weeks and was shocked to hear about the intense isolation and loneliness they are suffering. He has suggested to JW that there could be a system set up to put individuals in touch with each other once the scheme ends. 
8 Hon. Secretary’s Report: DMS is up to date for 2020/21 and 2021/22.
RF was pleased to report that JF and NF had delivered several boxes of Carol Float paraphernalia to him for storage. ACTION Deliveries from GB and RG awaited 
9 Hon. Treasurer’s Report: Club Account balance is £3,454.46 and Trust Account is £2243.68.

Carol Float Payments to Foodbanks 2021 updated 21/04/21
                      Paid January    Jan payment acknowledged    Paid February    Feb payment acknowledged    Paid March    March payment acknowledged
Vineyard                 500                  Yes                                    350                            Yes                                    350                             Yes
Southcourt              500                  Yes                                    350                            Yes                                    350                            Yes
Thrussell                 500                  Yes                                    350                            No                                        0    

To date there has been no acknowledgement from The Thrussell Trust for the payment of £350 that was made in February. GB reported she had advised The Thrussell Trust that unless they acknowledged receipt of the February payment by 21st April, no further grants would be made by RCoA. There will be a discussion at the next informal meeting about how to distribute the remaining £350 that has been allocated to foodbanks and whether provision should be made for donations to other charities in year (e.g., Kids Out). ACTION NF

10 Election of future Presidents and Vice Presidents. Following discussion and proposal by GB, seconded by FF, the following were duly elected:
2021-22 Duumvirate of John Hardwick and Neil Freeman. 
2022-23 Roy Collis (President), Les Sheldon (Vice President)
2023-24 Howard Cox (President), Jim Neenan (Vice President)
Arrangements for other officers for 2021-22 to be agreed at the Club Assembly.
11 Next Meeting:  Club Assembly Wednesday 26th May at 7pm by Zoom.